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The Mineola Community Bank Loan Officers that meet your search criteria are listed below.
You can contact a Loan Officer by phone or e-mail, or click on the name of the Loan Officer you want to work with and you'll be directed to their personalized web site.
  • NMLS #402990

    Robin Averett
    Loan Officer

    215 West Broad Street
    Mineola, Texas 75773

    Main Branch Phone Number: 903-569-2602

    Main Branch Fax Number: 903-569-9332

    Email: robin@mineolacb.com

  • NMLS #402991

    Michelle Countryman
    Branch Manager

    415 West Frank Street
    Grand Saline, Texas 75140

    Grand Saline Phone Number: 903-962-4271

    Grand Saline Fax Number: 903-962-4273

    Email: michelle@mineolacb.com

  • NMLS #839372

    Ammie Saucier
    Winnsboro Branch Manager

    500 South Main Street
    Winnsboro, Texas 75494

    Winnsboro Branch Phone Number: 903-342-5611

    Winnsboro Fax Number: 903-342-5134

    Email: ammie@mineolacb.com

  • NMLS #1656572

    Yesika Lugo
    Loan Officer

    215 W Broad
    Mineola, TX 75773

    Office: Main 903-569-2602

    Email: yesika@mineolacb.com

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  • NMLS #1695047

    Brittany Bessonett
    Loan Officer

    415 W Frank, Grand Saline TX 75140

    Office: 903-962-4271

    Email: brittany@mineolacb.com

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  • NMLS #1703470

    Martha Barnes
    Loan Officer

    215 W Broad
    Mineola, TX 75773

    Office: 903-569-2602

    Email: martha@mineolacb.com

  • NMLS #411718

    Charlie Rand
    Loan Officer

    304 S Main
    Lindale TX 75771

    Office: 903-881-7000

    Email: charlie@mineolacb.com

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